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Free delivery within a 5 mile radius of Otley

We're offering free delivery within a 5 mile radius of Otley. When you add your postcode, the option of free delivery should pop up.

Artisan cider produced on the slippery slopes of the Otley Chevin

The SUBCIDER is an artisan Yorkshire cider made from apples grown on the slippery slopes of the Otley Chevin, (a steep ridge above the River Wharfe in Yorkshire).

It is a popular spot for falling over, and an ideal spot to grow a rich variety of apples.

The Subcider is made by The Grotley Scratters, Yorkshire cider makers. We do not use pesticides (even though we hate wasps) and the apples are hand picked to keep the trees happy. It takes a year from pickings for the cider to mature and we only release it when it’s as smooth as slippers.

Chill to 5 degrees, pour slowly, pop on some feisty techno and take a slurp.

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burgundy trouser

The burgundy offender

(pronounced 'b'gundy')

Up and down the country men are slipping into the burgundy trouser. Once the preserve of retired wing commanders, now younger disillusioned hipsters are tempted by the trouser. If you spot a b'gundy offender, send us a pic and we'll post it as a guide to others.

Subcider serving suggestion

serving yorkshire cider

Chilled with feisty techno

Never drink Subcider warm, that would be wrong. Chill it to 5 degrees, and pour it slowly. Pop on some feisty techno and take a good slurp. That's the spirit.

Enjoyment of Subcider is further improved with the addition of an active sub-woofer to your sound system.

What is a scratter?

a scratter

And do they all live in Scallyfax?

Scratting is the process of chopping apples up before pressing. Being modern, we use a scratting machine, but back in the day this was done by hand, by folk called scratters.

The police refer to the people that they chase around the streets of Scallyfax as 'scratters', but they are not involved in our cider production, they just drink it.