We are the Grotley Scratters, and we make micro-batch Yorkshire Cider on the slippery slopes of the Otley Chevin.

The Subcider is an artisan cider which takes at least one year per batch to create. It is a splendid blend of King of Pippin, Keswick Russet, Discovery and various Bramleys. Our old apple trees grow on the slopes of the Otley Chevin and are harvested in the autumn.

Our friends at Orchards of Husthwaite press our apples and then they ferment until ready for bottling. The only additive is yeast and sometimes some yeast nutrients to get things rocking.

The orchard is maintained by our organic lawn-mowers: the alpacas. The trees benefit from a bit of their fertiliser.

alpaca lawn mowers


What does our cider taste like?

Of apples and it's lovely. The Subcider is a medium dry cider, it's quite strong and very refreshing. Always serve it at below 5 degrees.